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What Is Your Microbiome?

What Is Your Microbiome? Everybody has bacteria on their skin and inside their bodies. In fact, we now know that we each have more bacteria than cells in our bodies! These micro-organisms exist in every single nook, cranny and space in our bodies. And it is in our gut – or gastrointestinal tract – that […]

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2-Insulin Resistance - A Key Player In Weight-Related Issues

Do you have a constant weight issue? It may be insulin resistance.

Do you have a constant weight issue? It may be insulin resistance. If you have problems losing weight – even though you feel you’re making the right diet and exercise choices – it may be you’re suffering from insulin resistance. Weight issues and insulin resistance are closely linked, though we’re not sure which comes first […]

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insulin is crucial

Why Insulin Is Crucial To Your Well-being.

Why insulin is crucial to your well-being. Insulin is a hormone that is created in the pancreas. As well as aiding in the metabolism of fats and protein, it promotes the absorption of carbohydrates – particularly glucose – from the blood. Whilst glucose is essential for cell development and energy, insulin is needed for it to […]

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