Your Second Brain - What?

Your Microbiome In Your Gut Is Really Your Second Brain – What??

Your Microbiome Is Really Your Second Brain – What?? So, if you’re like most people, your first thought about bacteria is that they cause sickness and diseases. But in reality, we’re teaming with beneficial bacteria that not only keep you healthy but also make up your microbiome – your unique internal ecosystem that benefits your […]

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3- simple-steps-to improved-gut-health

Improve Your Gut Health With 3 Simple Steps

Improve Your Gut Health With 3 Simple Steps Your body is host to unbelievable quantities of microorganisms that inhabit every nook and cranny of their host – that’s you! But it’s in your gut – or gastrointestinal tract – That the largest collections of these microorganisms reside. The combination of these good and bad bacteria, […]

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boost your immune system

Improve Your Gut Health To Boost Your Immune System

Boost Your Immune System By Improving Your Gut Health How well your immune system works is directly related to your gut health and the condition of your microbiome. In fact, it’s now thought that somewhere between 70% and 85% of your immune system actually lives in your gastrointestinal tract! With well over 500 hundred species […]

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yogurt fermented foods

Fermented Foods and Your Gut Health

Fermented Foods and Your Gut Health For thousands of years, people have been using fermentation as a way to preserve foods. Resulting in most countries of the world have their own particular, traditional fermented food. As well as being a way to preserve foods, when you eat these fermented foods it helps to restore a […]

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insulin is crucial

Why Insulin Is Crucial To Your Well-being.

Why insulin is crucial to your well-being. Insulin is a hormone that is created in the pancreas. As well as aiding in the metabolism of fats and protein, it promotes the absorption of carbohydrates – particularly glucose – from the blood. Whilst glucose is essential for cell development and energy, insulin is needed for it to […]

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