What Is Your Microbiome?

Everybody has bacteria on their skin and inside their bodies.

In fact, we now know that we each have more bacteria than cells in our bodies!

These micro-organisms exist in every single nook, cranny and space in our bodies.

And it is in our gut – or gastrointestinal tract – that the largest colonies of these micro-organisms are found.

These communities of micro-organisms make up what is known as our gut microbiota. Our microbiome is made up of all the microbiota, the product it makes and the environment it lives in.

Our microbiome can, in fact, be considered to be a counterpart to our human genome in that every microbiome is unique to each person.

Regardless of how your microbiome is composed, the microbiota has the same function that directly impacts – for good or bad – on your health.

Some of these functions are:

= Plays a major role in your digestion
=  Helps with the production of B vitamins and vitamin K
= Helps to protect your gut from harmful micro-organisms
= Plays a major role in your immune system

Additionally, researchers believe that as many as 90% of all diseases can be traced back to your gut and the health of your microbiome.

If the health of your gut is not at its best, or your gut flora is out of balance, it can contribute to many health conditions such as:

= Leaky Gut
= Autoimmune diseases
= Arthritis
= Dementia
= Heart disease
= Cancer

In fact, your total health, fertility and longevity are all completely reliant on how healthy and well-balanced your gut bacteria are.

Everyone is responsible for how their microbiome flourishes – or otherwise. For example, what you eat, how much stress you’re under, levels of toxins and pollution you’re exposed to and even how well you sleep can impact the health of your microbiome.

The good news is that you can have a positive and beneficial impact on your microbiome through diet, exercise, sleep and stress management – and it doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. Small changes can have a big impact.

So make a start and (if you haven’t already) download your free infographic and short video and start incorporating the tips into your daily routine.

You can get yours here

better digestion infographic
Better Digestion Infographic

Sometimes, just knowing you’re in charge and that you can have a positive impact on your inner health is enough to get you started on the route to better gut health

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